Hand-Scraped Bamboo Flooring

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is also known as antique flooring, hand-carved flooring as well as distressed flooring. Something that many people do not know is that it takes more than 10 times as much work to produce and create hand scraped bamboo flooring as traditional bamboo flooring. Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is becoming more popular every day all around the world and is currently being used in settings for contemporary designs as well as vintage designs and are seen in commercial buildings and residential homes both.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is manually hand-crafted in order to get the perfect look, which is why it takes approximately 12 times as much time, effort, and work as traditional bamboo flooring to create such a beautiful masterpiece. You receive a rather exotic look for a very affordable rate.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring signifies elegance within a home, office, or commercial setting. No matter where this type of bamboo flooring is installed, it brings out the inner beauty of its surroundings. It blends very well with any type of architecture, art, or other surroundings so as to create a warm ambiance.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is one of the most durable and strongest pieces of bamboo flooring made, which contributes to its longevity, and because of this is why hand scraped bamboo flooring is perfect for high traffic areas, restaurants, etc. With hand scraped bamboo flooring, if somehow a scratch occurs on the flooring it will be barely noticeable due to the hand scraping of the bamboo plank.

The price of hand-scraped bamboo flooring seems to be a primary concern of many buyers of flooring, but the cost really isn’t very bad especially when you consider the fact of where the flooring comes from. Bamboo comes from Asia, which is where it originated. Manufacturers retrieve bamboo from the forests within China and other relevant parts of Asia where bamboo grows. They do this without harm to the surrounding forest and bamboo grows back every few years.

Bamboo flooring is very eco-friendly and the cost should not be of concern when considering installing it into your home as it is not quite as expensive as you may think it is. The average cost of hand scraped bamboo flooring is anywhere from $3 – $5 depending on where you get it. The cost will also depend on whether you want it stained or a specific grain. Not too bad considering that the flooring within your home would be of grass, rather than wood, and if you think about it, you helped the environment!

If you are looking for an exotic type of flooring for your home, office, restaurant, or other residential or commercial space that is also eco-friendly, then hand scraped bamboo flooring is probably the way to go as it is one of the most reliable and striking pieces of flooring available on the market today.