Bamtex Bamboo Flooring

Bamtex is a United States-based company that crafts a wide range of bamboo flooring products and is known as one of the earliest pioneers in the bamboo industry. This company was first established in the year 1977 and has been going strong ever since in providing customers with high-quality, affordable bamboo flooring for their homes or office. Bamboo is one of the most durable and longest-lasting pieces of flooring. It is scratch-resistant and much more durable than traditional hardwood flooring.

Although bamboo is traditional in many countries such as China and Asia for as long as can remember (thousands of years), bamboo flooring is just now becoming part of today’s world as one of the most eco-friendly choices for home or office flooring. Bamboo flooring is similar to that hardwood flooring in terms of visual appeal; however, it is much more economical and better for the environment. Bamboo flooring is gaining in popularity within the U.S. as we speak and Bamtex bamboo flooring is designed to attract a large customer base because of its high-quality products and flooring as well as its uniqueness, elegance, and exquisiteness.

Bamtex bamboo flooring only gets the most mature bamboo from specific China forests. Although there are well over 1,000 different types of bamboo, Bamtex uses a specific species of bamboo, which is known as Mao. It is harvested every five years or so from a bamboo forest that is located near the Pacific Ocean in Southern China. The Mao species of bamboo is known for its color, density, grain, strength, and structure. These are the main reasons that these particular bamboo species are chosen by Bamtex bamboo flooring.

Bamtex bamboo flooring comes in both carbonized and natural colors, both of which can be stained to create a variety of shades of flooring. Bamtex bamboo flooring can also be purchased in horizontal and vertical designs as well as different formats such as solid bamboo flooring and engineered and strand bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring can be placed in a variety of ways and Bamtex offers bamboo flooring in a variety of thicknesses, with some up to six layers.

In order to achieve only the finest bamboo flooring, Bamtex has strict policies set into place for the manufacturing and performance processes. There are specific requirements that must be met before moving on to the next process as well as specific requirements that must be met in order to ship to distributors to be put on the market for consumers to purchase. Bamtex also does what it can to ensure that they only use materials and components that are safe for the environment.

Bamtex is one of the leaders in bamboo flooring and provides only high-quality, durable, elegant bamboo flooring at an affordable rate for the customer. The average cost of Bamtex bamboo flooring ranges from approximately $4 – $6 per square foot depending on whether you purchase horizontal or vertical design and whether you purchased natural bamboo flooring or carbonized bamboo flooring.