Bamboo Floors

Your guide to beautiful bamboo floroing

Prefinished Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a very popular choice among individuals all over the world for residential or commercial flooring. There are many different types of bamboo flooring with one of the most popular being prefinished bamboo flooring. Prefinished bamboo flooring is found in many different homes in the United States as well as in other countries. Prefinished bamboo flooring will stay visually appealing for years to come and is one of the most durable pieces of flooring available on the market.

When you choose prefinished bamboo flooring, you will be choosing a piece of flooring that is very tough and durable. It is one of the most durable of its kind and one of the most durable types of flooring you can get. The topcoat finish of prefinished bamboo flooring is made while in the manufacturing process rather than afterward (or you doing it yourself). The topcoat finishes allow much more durability, which helps the flooring be dent and scratch-resistant.

Prefinished bamboo flooring as well as any type of bamboo flooring is very simple and straightforward. When you have hardwood flooring, many people get aggravated at having to use certain types of cleaning components, but with prefinished bamboo flooring, there is nothing similar to hardwood flooring when it comes to cleaning. You simply just need a dust mop as this would be the easiest route to take. You can take a quick sweep over the floor frequently and this will pick up any dust or dirt that is on the floor.

If you want to go further every once in a while and do a deep cleaning then you can purchase certain types of cleaners that are specifically made for bamboo floors. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do that, you can mop the bamboo flooring, but you need to make certain not to leave much water behind and do not add any harsh chemicals to the water. If anything, maybe some vinegar as many people say creates a shiny surface.

One of the best benefits of prefinished bamboo flooring is that if you have allergies, you are safe! Carpet as well as some hardwood flooring may affect your allergies, but bamboo flooring is hypoallergenic. It is not a trap for allergens or dirt. It is simply a safe and easy way to treat your allergies year-round.

When looking to purchase prefinished bamboo flooring, you will be looking at an average price per square foot being around $2 – $5. The price will depend on the brand, grain, as well as stain that you choose to purchase.

Prefinished bamboo flooring can go with a variety of styles and décor within your home – from modern contemporary to old-fashioned traditional. The durability of the prefinished bamboo flooring can also withstand very high traffic areas such as the living room and kitchen. Prefinished bamboo flooring will truly bring elegance to whatever room you place it in whether it is throughout the entire house, just a single room, or in your office.

Bamtex Bamboo Flooring

Bamtex is a United States-based company that crafts a wide range of bamboo flooring products and is known as one of the earliest pioneers in the bamboo industry. This company was first established in the year 1977 and has been going strong ever since in providing customers with high-quality, affordable bamboo flooring for their homes or office. Bamboo is one of the most durable and longest-lasting pieces of flooring. It is scratch-resistant and much more durable than traditional hardwood flooring.

Although bamboo is traditional in many countries such as China and Asia for as long as can remember (thousands of years), bamboo flooring is just now becoming part of today’s world as one of the most eco-friendly choices for home or office flooring. Bamboo flooring is similar to that hardwood flooring in terms of visual appeal; however, it is much more economical and better for the environment. Bamboo flooring is gaining in popularity within the U.S. as we speak and Bamtex bamboo flooring is designed to attract a large customer base because of its high-quality products and flooring as well as its uniqueness, elegance, and exquisiteness.

Bamtex bamboo flooring only gets the most mature bamboo from specific China forests. Although there are well over 1,000 different types of bamboo, Bamtex uses a specific species of bamboo, which is known as Mao. It is harvested every five years or so from a bamboo forest that is located near the Pacific Ocean in Southern China. The Mao species of bamboo is known for its color, density, grain, strength, and structure. These are the main reasons that these particular bamboo species are chosen by Bamtex bamboo flooring.

Bamtex bamboo flooring comes in both carbonized and natural colors, both of which can be stained to create a variety of shades of flooring. Bamtex bamboo flooring can also be purchased in horizontal and vertical designs as well as different formats such as solid bamboo flooring and engineered and strand bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring can be placed in a variety of ways and Bamtex offers bamboo flooring in a variety of thicknesses, with some up to six layers.

In order to achieve only the finest bamboo flooring, Bamtex has strict policies set into place for the manufacturing and performance processes. There are specific requirements that must be met before moving on to the next process as well as specific requirements that must be met in order to ship to distributors to be put on the market for consumers to purchase. Bamtex also does what it can to ensure that they only use materials and components that are safe for the environment.

Bamtex is one of the leaders in bamboo flooring and provides only high-quality, durable, elegant bamboo flooring at an affordable rate for the customer. The average cost of Bamtex bamboo flooring ranges from approximately $4 – $6 per square foot depending on whether you purchase horizontal or vertical design and whether you purchased natural bamboo flooring or carbonized bamboo flooring.

Hand-Scraped Bamboo Flooring

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is also known as antique flooring, hand-carved flooring as well as distressed flooring. Something that many people do not know is that it takes more than 10 times as much work to produce and create hand scraped bamboo flooring as traditional bamboo flooring. Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is becoming more popular every day all around the world and is currently being used in settings for contemporary designs as well as vintage designs and are seen in commercial buildings and residential homes both.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is manually hand-crafted in order to get the perfect look, which is why it takes approximately 12 times as much time, effort, and work as traditional bamboo flooring to create such a beautiful masterpiece. You receive a rather exotic look for a very affordable rate.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring signifies elegance within a home, office, or commercial setting. No matter where this type of bamboo flooring is installed, it brings out the inner beauty of its surroundings. It blends very well with any type of architecture, art, or other surroundings so as to create a warm ambiance.

Hand-scraped bamboo flooring is one of the most durable and strongest pieces of bamboo flooring made, which contributes to its longevity, and because of this is why hand scraped bamboo flooring is perfect for high traffic areas, restaurants, etc. With hand scraped bamboo flooring, if somehow a scratch occurs on the flooring it will be barely noticeable due to the hand scraping of the bamboo plank.

The price of hand-scraped bamboo flooring seems to be a primary concern of many buyers of flooring, but the cost really isn’t very bad especially when you consider the fact of where the flooring comes from. Bamboo comes from Asia, which is where it originated. Manufacturers retrieve bamboo from the forests within China and other relevant parts of Asia where bamboo grows. They do this without harm to the surrounding forest and bamboo grows back every few years.

Bamboo flooring is very eco-friendly and the cost should not be of concern when considering installing it into your home as it is not quite as expensive as you may think it is. The average cost of hand scraped bamboo flooring is anywhere from $3 – $5 depending on where you get it. The cost will also depend on whether you want it stained or a specific grain. Not too bad considering that the flooring within your home would be of grass, rather than wood, and if you think about it, you helped the environment!

If you are looking for an exotic type of flooring for your home, office, restaurant, or other residential or commercial space that is also eco-friendly, then hand scraped bamboo flooring is probably the way to go as it is one of the most reliable and striking pieces of flooring available on the market today.

Green Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring for our home, office, or other residential or commercial space, it’s important to purchase a flooring product that can withstand high traffic and go with our current style and décor. Many people are now more economically aware than ever before and choose green bamboo flooring for their commercial or residential space whether it is for the home or the office.

Green bamboo flooring is one of the most popular and environmentally friendly types of flooring that is made and available on the market today. Bamboo has been around for thousands of years and first originated in Asia. It is still being used in parts of Asia, such as China, today. Most green bamboo flooring manufacturers received their bamboo shipments from forests in China. Bamboo matures at around three to five years at which time it is cut without harm to the rest of the forest. The bamboo grows back very quickly so there is never any harm done and the supply is replenished on its own.

How does green bamboo flooring help the environment? Well, as stated previously, bamboo matures in about three to five years. When one is cut down, it is only a few years before another is grown back and ready to be used all over again. Bamboo is a type of plant rather than a tree so it doesn’t take 100 years or more to regrow; therefore, green bamboo flooring is very sustainable. Bamboo is a type of grass specifically and does not need to be replanted in order for it to regrow.

Green bamboo flooring comes in a variety of grains, styles, cuts, widths, lengths, as well as stains. You can get natural or carbonized bamboo flooring, horizontal or vertical grains, specific types of designs (such as tiger), wide bamboo plank flooring, and different colors. Bamboo flooring, no matter what variety of style, grain, or stain that you purchase is very durable.

Bamboo flooring is perfect for areas where high traffic is involved such as a restaurant or the living area within your home. Bamboo flooring can create a contemporary design style within your home or an old-fashioned style depending on the grain, style, and stain color. Stain colors come from anything from coffee bamboo and carbonized bamboo to cherry and mocha-colored stains.

Apart from what many may think, green bamboo flooring is not expensive. Depending on the variation of the bamboo flooring that you are purchasing, you will find green bamboo flooring for anywhere from a couple of dollars to about $7 or $8 per square foot. Not too bad when you think about it especially if you are trying to make your home a “greener” place or if you are very concerned with the environment. Bamboo flooring is a very affordable yet sustainable option for flooring within the home and is becoming more widespread as we speak. It is definitely becoming the green building alternative throughout the country.

Hawa Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo has been used for years and years for a variety of things including flooring. Bamboo is grown in the forests of China with a variety of different species being grown. Bamboo flooring companies are abundant within the world, but one that is well respected in the United States is known as Hawa Bamboo Flooring.

Hawa is a bamboo flooring company based in the beautiful upscale state of New Jersey. Hawa bamboo flooring has been in business since 1993 and has been carefully harvesting and constructing bamboo flooring and other related products ever since. A distribution center was first established in New Jersey in 1999 to distribute their bamboo flooring and other materials and before each distribution, the bamboo flooring goes through strict inspection specifications (11 inspection stations for quality control) to ensure that all the Hawa bamboo flooring is up to par and meets industry standards.

Hawa bamboo flooring uses a specific species of bamboo known as MOSO. Hawa harvests this particular type of bamboo when it is about four to six years mature. This is to ensure durability, solidity, and lucidity of color.

When it comes to Hawa bamboo flooring, Hawa completes its flooring with an 8-coat finish of aluminum oxide and polyurethane. This provides longer-lasting and more durable bamboo flooring to go within your home, office, or other space. Furthermore, when ordering Hawa bamboo flooring, you will not be required to wait weeks for it to be delivered as Hawa strives to ensure they keep a full stock in their New Jersey distribution center.

Hawa has a wide range of products offered including carbonized bamboo flooring. Hawa carbonized bamboo flooring is subjected to heat and pressure, which allows for the sugar compounds within to arise and deepens the color of the bamboo flooring. The longer that the bamboo is subjected to the heat and pressure, the darker the color is from the sugar compounds coming through.

Below, you will find a list of the products offered through Hawa in regards to bamboo flooring:

  • Sold bamboo flooring comes in both horizontal and vertical grains as well as natural and carbonized finishes. It can be glued down or nailed down on or above grade.
  • Engineered bamboo flooring comes in both horizontal and vertical grains as well as natural and carbonized finishes.
  • Distressed bamboo flooring comes in only horizontal grain with four different finishes and stains including natural, carbonized, black walnut, and cherry. You can get this in vertical grain if you wish to place a special order. It can be glued down or nailed down on or above grade.
  • Stained bamboo flooring comes in only horizontal grain with the option of three different stain colors including black walnut, cherry, and burgundy. It can be glued down or nailed down on or above grade.
  • Engineered clic bamboo flooring comes in both horizontal and vertical grains as well as in natural and carbonized finishes. This flooring is a glue-less, simple and quick installation.
  • HDF clic bamboo flooring comes in horizontal and vertical grains as well as natural and carbonized finishes.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring comes in only horizontal grain and carbonized and natural finishes. It is installed just as regular hardwood flooring is.

As you can see, Hawa bamboo flooring comes in a variety of stains and grains. With Hawa bamboo flooring in terms of average cost, you are looking at approximately $4 – $5 per square foot.

Floor Repairs And Renovations

Floors play an essential part in the foundation of your house. Your friends will be fascinated if your home has better walkways. Your house will be praised if your floors are furnished and well maintained. The floor gives uniqueness to the place where you live. But people forget about the renovation of the floors; they forget how important repairing the floor is. Your living standard is judges by the cleanness of your house floor. To avail of the best services of flooring renovation by visiting our site

We offer you a package of floor maintenance which includes a sequence of steps. The procedure involves three steps that are as follows:


All of these three steps are based on different techniques and methods.

The first step is about removing the old layer from the surface of the floor by abrasive material. The rough material has the intensity to force out the old coatings of floor waxing and sealing. Sanding is a critical step of the process. Different machines are used to sand the floor. A bent/drum sanding machine is used to sand the floor and to prevent the floor from the marks. An edge machine is used to sand the staircase and cabinets. And lastly, the final step of sanding is done by the furnishing machine.

The second step is polishing which is used to fix and fill up the small scratches, holes present on the floor. It is a very step. Polishing helps in the restoration of the actual polish of the floor. A small circular pad is used for the polishing. The polishing process gives the finest touch to the floor. Polishing is as essential as sanding is. Polishing gives a shine to the floor that is healthy for the new look of your house.

Oiling is also essential in the process of floor renovation and repairing. The oiling is the last and the final of the procedure. By this step, you can give an unbelievable shine to your floor. Oiling enhances the color of the floor. The floor becomes shinier.